Q: Titan dies past 2000 RPMS on 2010 Nissan Titan

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It recently turned cold and not my 2010 Titan will not run past 2000 RPMS. It started sluggishly but after warming up it seemed fine. Anytime you reved it up it would die past 2000 RPMS and while driving it would not go past 2000 RPMS at all almost like there was a governor on it.
(1) Answer
got to love a nissan ive seen this u should have an electrice throttleplate instead of cables the lower under dash tps has been where i have had my problem both times but signals must be checked with a dvom or dealer scanner if not sure what to do shouldhave 5voltsref in /ground and signal wire to throttle should go from 0 5.0 volts smoothly on signal out of pedal
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