Q: tire pressure indicator on 2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

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The dashboard tire pressure indicator has 5 pressures listed, but I cannot find which one is associated with which tire. For example, is the first indicator the front left? The second indicator the front right? etc.?
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This should be clearly explained in your owner's manual. If it is not, call the dealership where you recently purchased this nice new car, and ask them.
on my 2008 Highlander Hybrid, the middle tire pressure is the spare and i was told by the friendly local dealer that there was no way of detewrmining the other order as it varied by the valve sensor and each tire rotation changed the order.
I know the top one is the spare. It is ridiculous that it is not in the manual. I had one tire overinflated and the rest were okay. After letting a little out of each one to find the overinflated tire, it is still over filled, but now I have 3 low ones. Grrr.
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