Q: timing mark on camshaft pully on 1998 Ford Contour

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can not find any thing that i would call timing mark had to replace timing belt figgered out cam shaft timing but can not find timing mark on crankshaft pully
(2) Answers
Vehicle Application: 1996 Ford Contour GL 2.0L, GAS, Vin 3, Eng Cfg L4

Customer Concern: Installing a timing belt, but unable to find any timing marks on the crankshaft balancer to locate Top Dead Center (TDC).
Tests/Procedures: 1. To find TDC with no timing marks on balancer, remove #1 spark plug.

2. Disable the ignition by unplugging the ignition coil.

3. Install a "whistle" hose from a cylinder leakage tester, or put finger over spark plug hole and "bump" the starter over until the hose whistles, or your finger gets blown off of the hole, indicating TDC.

4. Install a depth gauge (a pencil will do) in the cylinder on top of the piston and manually rotate the crankshaft to find the exact TDC.

5. Make your own mark on the balancer to correspond with the TDC mark on the oil pan, which would be at the approximate 5 o'clock position on the balancer.
Potential Causes: Balancer

Tech Tips: The vast majority of these engines have timing marks on the balancer. When it does have timing marks, use the second mark in normal rotation of engine on the balancer. When the engine is at TDC, the crankshaft keyway will be at the 12 o'clock position.

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