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Q: Ticking on passenger side on 2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

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When I go out and start truck there is a ticking noise in the passenger side only when I start it it only does it for a minute or minute and a half
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poss blend door actuator is bad.the internal gears strip and thats what they do or broken blend door which ford is known for. i bet your heat or a/c is not coming out the correct vent either
My 07 spt trac has same noise I have the 4.6 v8 3 valve but this noise will happen on damn near all engines above 100k its most likely a sticky lifter no oil pumped yet when starting cold so you will hear a tapping noise for about a min. oil is pumped thru the lifters and noise goes away or atleast is greatly reduced. there are 24 total lifters in the v8 3valve and its a good idea to replace the push rod for any lifter u replace. the tapping can flatten the end of the push rod causing the new lifter to over extend if the push rod isn't replaced at same time. just don't gun it when starting let your engine have 30 seconds to idle and circulate oil and shouldn't be an issue by itself but if any engine work is done where your top end is removed than spring for the lifters and rods. not cheap either $10 each lifter and each rod from autozone. that's 500 to start things off.
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