Q: Ticking noise coming from engine on 2009 Nissan Titan

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I have just purchased a new Nissan Titan and I have 4000 miles on it. There is a clicking noise that sounds like liftors sticking. I took it to the dealer and they got another truck out and it was making a similiar noise but not near as loud. They said they did not see anything wrong but I have warranty and I should keep an eye on it on every visit. Should I be concerned.
The noise only does it in idle after the engine has warmed up!
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Lifter noise is normally more prominent when the engine is cold and oil has not reached all the extremities of the engine. Once the oil gets hot and thins out oil reaches all engine components and noises shouldn't be heard. I would quiz more than one dealer, next time yo pass any Nissan dealer stop and ask their there service department have they heard this before? I personally haven't heard problems with these engines but have not seen many newer Nissan trucks in our area. Perhaps check other Nissan specific forums on the net.
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