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Q: Throttle control/Transmission on 2006 Mercury Milan

My light on the car looks like a wrench and it says that it is the indicator light for the throttle control/transmission. What does that mean? Is this a maintenance that needs to be done on the car?
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I wish I could help as my 2006 Mercury Milan Premier is doing the same thing. The dealership tried to say that my car must have hit a slick spot while driving but this happen while I was sitting a red light, light turnt green and as I tried to drive off thie indicator light (wrench) turn on and I couldn't accelerate or move over 5 mph....
The same thing happened last night to us. We have a 2011 mercury milan preimere with 34000 miles. The wrench light came on and we were driving about 55mph, speed dropped to about 5mph and would not go. Finally stopped the car, put it in park then back in drive and then it drove normal. The dealership put a new battery in about 3 weeks ago. Have been reading different threads that indicate after a battery replacement, the same thing has happened. Dealership coming to pick it up today - have noticed it changing gears hard or bucking sometimes. Will post what the dealership says. Anybody else with the same problems?
My 2011 Mercury Milan did the same thing on a 65 MPH highway it suddenly only drove 5 MPH. I chugged to a parking lot off the highway and turned the car off and back on it started up and I went another 4 miles when the little wrench came on again!...left car in Parking lot. Dealer has had car 3 days and said they can't find anything wrong! they have driven it over 75 miles and it's "running" fine? I am really upset because I drive over 100 miles to my sister's once a month and don't want to be stranded on the road!.....Car has a little over 35,000 miles on it and I've only had it 29 days!
My 06 is doing same exact thing. Very expensive part by these reports it is the throttle body $423+ labor @ $89/hr in wv. Please join me in trying to get this identified to Ford as a recall issue because at this time it is not. And it should be!!! Call & report it please 1-800-241-3673!! Power is in our voice. Please report it to Ford so we are not sucked of our money for their manufacture error!!
FYI: there is a recall - I have a 2011 Mercury Milan and last year my car did the same thing. I took it to the Ford dealership where I bought the car and they told me there was nothing wrong with the car and it drive just fine. They charged me $100 to tell me that. For a while drove the car around with this problem (losing power). I would have to stop turn the car off, let it sit for a while and then it would drive with no problem. After dealing with this problem for so long Ford motors sent me a letter explaining there is a recall on the throttle body. I took it the dealer and they fixed it for free. Love I will never buy a Ford car ever again!!!!
Do you know the recall number. My 2010 is at the dealership now with this problem and they keep saying they do not know what is making the light come on. I told them the code said throttle actuator and I thought there was a recall on it, They just keep putting me off. So here I sit with out my car and no answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated
You have to find it at this location:
My car did the same thing last night. $460.99 to get a replacement 'electronic throttle body' from a Ford Dealership Repair Shop. It is a 2006 Mercury Milan Premier with 82,000 miles. Luckily they had the part in stock and they fixed it today. It has to do with the computer components so I don't think it's a DIY fix.
My 2008 Milan with 57000 died 6 times on the way home last Wednesday a week ago. Took it to the dealer for repairs Thursday morning and Friday about 5 pm paid $660.-- for a throttle body replacement. Saturday morning the car died on me 4 times doing the same thing. I forgot to mention the check engine light was on. I turned the car back in Monday morning at 7:30 am and today Tuesday afternoon they tell me I will need a new computer. Oh yes and it will take them another 2 to 3 days to fix my car. this will be 6 to 7 days total time they will have my car. My sun roof fell into the headline after using the sun roof 3 times. Is anyone else having these problems?
My 06 is doing same exact thing. Very expensive part by these reports it is the throttle body $423+ labor @ $89/hr in wv. Please join me in trying to get this identified to Ford as a recall issue because at this time it is not. And it should be!!! Call & report it please 1-800-241-3673!! Power is in our voice. Please report it to Ford so we are not sucks of our money for their manufacture error!!
Same thing happened to my 2008 merc milan.I was told it was not covered under a recall which is unacceptable when there was a recall on 2009 and up
Please let me a know if you get any responses or if I can call to complain
Thank you
I am now in the same boat. I own a 2006 Mercury Milan. It has been a great car now have 115000 miles in. Today was at a light and stopped car shuttered a bit and the orange wrench icon came on. Light turned green i stepped on gas and barely moved less then 5mph. I got into next parking lot got out to do basic check in engine and see if fluids were leaking nothing. I checked connections and fair filter all good. had battery changed 6 months ago. I got back in started it up wrench gone car drove fine next 3 miles to work. I have noticed the shifting kicking or hard shifting a bit rough. So I bough the car from my dad who is a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealer to see exactly what the wrench was. He had the service guys talk to me and first one said the light has to do with throttle body/transmission errors and they had a lot of milans come in with bad torque convertors. The upper tech asked some questions and said he believes its more then likely a throttle body issue either dirty or failing. My next step is after work to clean the throttle body and sensor and also the MAF sensor and see if this occurs again. After that said if it happens again take it in and have them try to diagnois the throttle body which is electronic which maybe going bad. I'm on the hunt now for a salvage milan to see if I can prepare for a new throttle body which I can change myself if need be. Guess have to make sure we all report at what we are finding as this seems like a recall issue with so many same issues.
Service Bulletin No.: 13N03 at National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:;jsessionid=BMT6Vn9JpMZQMxnVYCPYjvsM3l3KchmhGJdTjrtcVJqbBThvB4XC!1908158733?prodType=V&searchType=PROD&targetCategory=A&searchCriteria.model=MILAN&stats=1219774%2C3%2C3%2C88%2C19%2CMILAN&makeStats=&jsonBaseURL=%2Fdownloads%2Ffolders%2F&searchCriteria.model_yr=2011&searchCriteria.make=MERCURY&searchCriteria.prod_ids=1219774
OMGosh... as sorry as I am for all of you, this has been driving me CRAZY and I am SO glad I'm not alone with this! The wrench has been coming on intermittently for the almost 2 years that I have had my 2010 Mercury Milan Premier, & I now know why someone traded this car in! I have dreaded being stuck at a red light or an area where I knew I would have to accelerate quickly to not get run over by cars behind me since I bought the car, but I put up with it because it didn't happen THAT often. But often enough to give me anxiety at every red light. Then a couple of nights ago I was in the middle lane of a busy freeway during rush hour, and boom... 5mph which was fortunately enough to get over 2 lanes to the shoulder. I let it sit for a few minutes, and it started back up enough to get to the next offramp then did it again. I had to do this 3 times to get to a gas station where I could safely sit and figure out what to do. I didn't want to risk driving the 50 additional miles to get home so I had it towed. A friend did the diagnostic today and told me it is a throttle issue so I googled it and came across this site. My question is for those of you who have had it fixed. Did it happen again? I hate to put out the money I don't have right now to fix it only to know it's going to happen again anyway. It would be really nice to not have to be embarrassed every time this happens and I have to block traffic and pull over.
Yes changed out the throttle body...did it myself with the new updated part from Ford. The surging didnt happen as much while.driving around town, but now that I am driving across country the wrench light came on again and as the car was shifting to adjust speed it shut down on me with the red triangle of death 4 times. These are between the speeds of 55 to 65. As approaching hills it would shut down also if using ac and without ac on. I have found a way to prevent the. Car from shutting down..I have to floor it to get over the hill once the shifting goes clunky then I release the gas pedal and then floor it again. Annoying but gotta get to my destination. Going to do more research and try to reset the pcm and then the MAF. I have a 2010 mercury milan premier hybrid. This surging been happening 2 hours after I bought the car. Took to dealer they could not re peoduce it. Uuggghh...i love this car..but the ford comapny needs to have trained techs and get to the root of this problem..
The Milan is a hunk of junk..... I have a 2006 Milan and this wrench light thing and slowing down while driving and shuttering has all happened to this car... last year the dealership told us the motor was blown so here we go $8000.00 to have that replaced (we still owed on this car and the only option was to fix it), now its doing the same thing (less than a year later) and now they are telling us its the throttle body... Get rid of this car as fast as you can.....
This past Thursday driving to Indianapolis from Chicago...and on slick roads...i experienced this "throttle" PROBLEM for the first time. got the wrench light on and was very terrible, roads terrible, and it was night. i pulled off at the next exit....shut down the engine for 10 seconds and started it back up, the engine ran fine, the wrench light was OFF. minutes later, this occurred again, i fixed it again. it felt like the transmission was "clunking" at a speed of around 45-55mph and the slick spots could have caused this problem as we moved across icy areas and lost traction, when the tired gripped pavement again, that could have been the clunky response. and the last time, the engine light came on. read the book and it said it the light is on and stays on, no blinking, etc.; the light is caused by something realatively simply like the fuel cap being loose...but it was not. it also said that after 3 cold start and drives the engine light should go off. IT DID today! i will contact the dealer about this to see what they say. maybe they can do a diagnostic to see what happened. this has been a flawless vehicle and i love driving it. hope this is an easy fix. more when we have it available.
Well I paid to have the throttle motor replaced and it fixed the problem. For about a month tops. It isn't doing it as often now, but I still get to sit and panic every time I'm at a red light on an uphill slope with traffic behind me knowing I have to baby it to get it going steady while people practically run me off the road. The car has no get up and go or "oomph" to it at all. I love the car, but it's getting old. The problem is definitely the throttle motor but obviously something keeps causing it to malfunction. And as of now that has remained a mystery :(
Ford put out a recall, so take it to any local dealer and they have to fix it without charging you. It is the throttle body.
Thank you soo much for posting this! This just happened to me today as I was driving home and it scared me half to death. I will take it to Ford and let them fix it for free! Hopefully the recall is still in effect.
I purchased a 2011 Mercury Milan in January 2014 with 30,000 miles. In July 2014 I was taking a trip and while driving the vehicle suddenly slowed down to about five mph while on the interstate. I pulled over and shut the engine down, restarted the car and turned around and headed back home. I was about 30 miles away from home. I did some internet research and concluded that it was the "throttle body." When I took it to the dealer, I found out that it was indeed the throttle body and that there was a recall on this issue. It costs around $750 to replace/repair.
Same as us 2006 Mercury Milan Premier we bought used and thought it was a great deal. Twice on the highway it shows this error code. My wife is in Philadelphia today and said this happened 5 times!! Now I am at work terrified they won't get home.
My 06 is doing same exact thing. Very expensive part by these reports it is the throttle body $423+ labor @ $89/hr in wv. Please join me in trying to get this identified to Ford as a recall issue because at this time it is not. And it should be!!! Call & report it please 1-800-241-3673!! Power is in our voice. Please report it to Ford so we are not sucked of our money for their manufacture error!!
Has anyone been able to fix this problem thru Ford without having to cost anything? My 00 primer is doing the same thing I had a engine code p0735 and p1260 come up today but it's been doing all the above the dealer did a transmission flush no difference 430$ later still dying
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