Q: This seems expensive, is it? only 31k miles on it. on 2006 BMW 325i

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Because your car is condition based, everytime service is due on your car, the standard scope message comes on to ensure you that the service is done and light reset to the proper future expiration date. The scope allows the technician to run a computerized test to make sure the vehicle is also electronically ok. $140

The Power steering, coolant, brake service is a flushing and reinjectment of the fluids. $250 each

The brake replacement to the rear, includes pads, rotors and sensor. $890

The fuel induction service cleans out all the black carbon in the intake of your engine. $250

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the brakes sounds right on.
the fuel induction sounds right.
the fluids sound high.

you have a high end car that requires frequent and expensive repairs. it goes along with owning a bmw.

thanks Roy it must be negotiable because the dealer came down a little on the on the price. From 2150 to 1750. Shouldn't the brake fluid/labor be included in the brake work already?
no, that is a separate operation. fluid exchange involves the master cylinder, not brake pad/rotor replacement.

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Rear brakes, pads,rotors, and sensor / $605.00. This is with factory Zimmerman rotors and factory Jurid pads. Parts & Labor

Coolant flush using 6 quarts of BMW coolant / $170.00 Parts & Labor

Brake fluid flush / $120.00 Parts & Labor

BG Power steering service / $170.00 Parts & Labor

We would not had recommended a carbon depletion at 31k unless there was an issue with how the engine was performing and our diagnosis would have lead to that recommendation. We would had recommended adding a can of BG 44k at that mileage. If used regularly, every 7500 miles, a carbon depletion may never be needed. This is true only in cars with low mileage and cars getting regular oil changes at 5k or sooner. No 10k oil changes, that will lead to a diagnosis of a carbon depletion service sooner than it is needed.
If a carbon depletion is needed it cost $250.00

Transmission is "LIFETIME FLUID", but it should be checked to make sure it is performing like it is supposed to be.
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The coolant typically is about $200, Transmission $275, Power Steering flush $170, Brake Flush $140, and the brakes are about right.