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Thermostate replacement

(2008 Mercury Milan)
in Upper Sandusky, OH on March 24, 2011
I had to take my Mercury Milan in and they said the thermostate needed replaced and would take about 2 hrs. That was 2 days ago and still not fixed because they said thermostate located at bottom of engine and hard to bleed the air off , What is wrong here?
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on March 24, 2011
Is this job being done at a dealership? If so, they should have a special service tool that bleeds air out of your cooling system systematically.

Otherwise, it could take quite an effort to purge the air out of the system.
on March 24, 2011
Dave Yes it is at the Ford garage now,in Marion ,Ohio. My name is Dave also ( coincidence!) They said because the thermostate is located in the bottom of the engine it is harder to replace and bleed off,but 2 Days!! Glad it is still under warranty.
on March 24, 2011

I think they are making an excuse for a shop work load management issue...

The Ford labor time under warranty to replace a thermostat is 1.2 hours. That includes testing it.

This includes using the vacuum cooling system filler tool that dealerships especially should utilize.

Further, the thermostat is not at all located at the bottom of the engine, rather, it's on the front side of the engine. You can see the radiator hose clamp right onto the housing directly into the side of this 4 cylinder 2.3L engine. You do have to access a bolt or two from underneath, but that does not make this the least bit challenging.

What is the thermostat being replaced for? Is it possible they are continuing a diagnosis following part replacement?

on March 25, 2011
Dave I was to get oil& filter change,tire rotation and battery corrosion fixed. When the warning lite came on,then later i noticed the temp. guage was still on cold after driving it 20 mile. Then after driving it 20 mile the next day to the garage it was stil on cold. Then after changing the thermostate it kept overheating,so they got me a rental car to use . The next day they still didn't have it fixed. Glad it is still under warranty. Waiting for the 3rd day now . Thanks for your info. Dave.
on March 25, 2011
Kind of along the lines of what I was thinking. Less of a time delay in the actual job, more ambiguity involved. Good luck with your experience; love to have you post the eventual resolution.
on March 29, 2011
Dave They called this evening and said ,We think we have your car fixed. I said you THINK!! He stuttered around & said well we got it fixed. I said well you will have to wait till Tomarrow now because my back is bothering me. So i will go Wed. sometime & get it and drive it around for a while before coming home to make sure it is fixed. Will let you know Dave B.
on March 29, 2011

Love that. "THINK"... That's all the confidence a guy needs...

Good luck; yeah, definitely let us know how it resolves and what the invoice says was done.
on March 30, 2011
Dave Got the Mersury back this morning. A different person was in the service Dept. When i was asked what i needed i said" I came in to get my car that i brought in a week ago to get fixed" One of the men behind the counter said,You must be from Upper Sandusky", so it must have been talked about a lot in the garage area. There was no charge,for thermostat or replacement,2 hose clamps or diagnosis.. There was a $1.00 charge for customer pay shop charge for repair order(what ever that is). ASll i paid for was the Oil & filter,tire rotation and a battery service/protect kit,to help keep the + cable from corroding. They said i may receive a survey,& if i was dissatisfied to call some guys. Aparantly they don't want me to do the survey! Thanks for your help & interest in this. Dave B.
on March 30, 2011
That long for just a thermostat? And your regular service? Something doesn't seem reasonable here. Just my opinion.

You are very right - they don't want you to do the survey unless you can say they are "perfect" 10's. It really hurts a dealership a lot these days to not have perfect surveys. Might be worth your while make that call to the guys they suggested to air your concerns.
on March 31, 2011
The thing about the survey was written on my invoice,not spoken personally. One of the service guys that i had talked to before was there taking care of another customer that day and looked at me when i made the statement about taking a week,and never said a word,to me. Thanks again Dave B.
on April 10, 2011
Dave Guess what ? me again. Was driving my merc. to the Amish country Fri morning and only got about 40 mile from home & the Engine warning light came on and the Temp. Gauge went to HOT. I stopped & checked it out & nothing wrong.. Guage went to normal,then back to hot . Just kept switch ing. Went to an Auto Zone & they checked it & it said ! low coolant,2 Drive belt off 3 Failed cylider head Temp.sensor(which it must be) I got home & called the garage that worked on it before & got the same guy. I didn't even tell him my name i just said i have a problem,this is the guy with the 08 Mercury MIlan. There was 4 seconds of silence & he came right out with my name. He said have it here Mon at 9 am & i will have a rental car waiting for you. I just wonder if that may have really been the problem before or if the 2 are connected in some way. Will let you know what happens! Dave B.
on April 10, 2011
If I was a bettin' man... I'd have shared my hunch that they really didn't fix what was wrong with it...and perhaps don't know what's wrong with it.

Sorry for your troubles; hopefully they'll give you first class service for your hassle.
on April 17, 2011
You may have been right. They had my car for a few days. Even called and ask me if it was ok for the mechanic to drive it he could see how it did driving it for a greater distance. Seems ok For now. They must have steam cleand under the hood too,because it was really spackled when i got it back the first time and now it lookes brand new under the hood Thanks Dave B.
on April 18, 2011
What did they do this time???
on April 18, 2011
They said they had to bleed more air out of it & that was all they told me. I said now what happens if this crap keeps up and my warranty runs out middle of May. They said if Ford won't take care of it then we will at our own expence. So Will see what happens i guess. Thanks Dave B.
on April 18, 2011
Well, an air pocket will do it; kind of like we started talking about at the beginning. However, they've had it so long that I'm sure you confidence must be shaken.

All you can do is drive it, I suppose. Good luck!
on June 27, 2011
Dave Guess what My car ios doing the same thing again. WE went from Ohio to Pennsylvania, Maryland ,W. Va. then back thru. Penn,and i can't recall the amount of times i had to stop for a while . The Temp Guage would keep going back& forth. When going up steep grades the engine would want to bog down the Tach.would go to 4& 5,000 RPM and sometimes only get up to 40& 50 MPH. Engine light came on then the next day while driving it went off,but an hour later going up a hill it came back on & is still on. Taking the car back Wed AM. AGAIN. Oretty P.O.ed right now. Let you know what happens again.
on June 27, 2011
Honestly, Dave, I had a hunch that this just wasn't done. It didn't sit right before, and again doesn't now.

Post your VIN when you get a chance; I'd love to look at the repair info through Ford's side.

I had a look at service bulletins on this car and found none.

I can't really explain the 4,000 - 5,000 RPM jump and engine bogging down; unless the engine was in overheat protection mode keeping the power down.

Anyway, I'll definitely look forward to your follow ups. Hang in there...
on June 28, 2011
Dave Thanks the VIN# 3MEHM07Z08R650274 When it did this i was giving it the gas to try to make it up the hills. Since i posted this,i too got on the Ford site to check things out & could not find anything about recalls or other Mercurys with this problem.
on June 28, 2011
I just looked up the warranty history on the vehicle, and I see where they replaced the thermostat twice, and then also the rental coverage they afforded you.

You are right, there are absolutely no service messages pertaining to your concern.

I'm afraid that I have no more suggestion really, except to hope for a positive resolution. Feel free to post developments...good luck.
on May 23, 2014
Not sure why it is taking so long. They called me at 8 am to let me know what the issue was and it was ready to go by 9:30 am the same day.
on May 23, 2014
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