Q: The car has rough idle and turns off after warming up for about 10 minutes on 1992 Jaguar XJ6

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so the car has being doing this for a while now, it has been passing raw gasoline through the exhaust and smoke. I have changed the oxygen sensor, the fuel regulator, the spark plugs and wires, brand new distributor cap, fuel filter, and cleaned throttle body (with throttle body cleaner of course). I blame my father for putting the lucas fuel injection cleaner. The only guesses i have is that its the injectors or vacuum leak.
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If you are passing raw fuel, it is most likely the injectors are over supplying fuel and/or are not shutting off correctly. It must get lousy fuel economy, no?
real bad, the cylinders end up getting so flooded it just shuts off. So does that means its an electrical issue. Also at highway speeds it runs perfect, this only happens when idling. The problem was not as bad a few months ago but sense then i drove it on two 600 mile trips (never overheated) which amplified the symptoms to what it is now.
hi amartin,
My xj6 has same exact problem you describe. Rough idle, rises and falls every few seconds, and engine dies at red lights. Though your post was in 2011, do you recall to settle this cat to smooth sailing? If so how you fix it? I've changed fuel filter, fuel pump, spark plugs, oil filter, oil, and today the Idle cleaned carbon off of it. I'm hoping it is Mass Air Flow Sensor or Throttle Body cleaning. Help solve this, same as yours-frank68