Q: Temp Control, Not heat, only cold air on 2007 Chevrolet Equinox

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45,000 miles on car, I stopped getting heat, it is like the control is not working or switching over to heat, The AC works fine but only cold air no matter what the contol setting position.
(2) Answers
Could be a fault with the temperature door actuator or poor coolant flow to the heater core. Check to make sure the coolant flow to the heater core is correct. If that is OK then the next step would be to check for fault codes stored in the A/C Control module (A faulty actuator should set a fault code.). You will need a scan tool to read the fault code(s). Any stored codes should be diagnosed and problems found corrected.
I just had my 06 fixed. The problem was the heater valve door and the actuator. The motor had seized and broke the arm of the door. The repair cost me 1200.00. It involved taking apart the entire dash. My car has 60000 miles. Awfully big repair for such low miles. I have seen numerous posts regarding this same problem.