Q: tail lights still out. on 1992 Toyota Camry

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Ok I got the upper stop light to work just by changing the bulb. Now does that mean that the tail light relay and the brake light switch still works or could they still be bad? Also
my turn signals still work.

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If your high mount (3rd) brake light is working when you press the brake pedal, that tells me your brake light switch is working as it should.

Looking at the wiring diagrams, it looks like the brake lights, and taillights, are on separate circuits. The tail light relay sends power to the side marker lights and rear lights (essentially the rear parking lights that would come on when you turn on the lights).

I know you said your bulbs are all new so I would then look at the sockets and plugs to the tail light assemblies. They are the correct bulbs right? Do they look corroded (possibly a greenish brown oxidation) or are they melted, or do they look ok? With the trunk open, giggle the wire harness going to the tail lights to see if there are any breaks in the wires. A simple volt meter would be helpful if you are familiar with circuits