Q: Tail light/ parking light fuse on 2006 Toyota Sienna

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2006 Toyota Sienna

Taillight will not work

I had remote start installed and when you remote start the tail light and parking light will flash indicating car is remote started.

When I put the key in ignition and turn on the head lamp they turn on but no tail light.
Switch to parking lights and front yellow lights and taillight will not work.

Took it back to Sixth ave thinking something wrong with remote start setup, because the tail light and parking light will flash when car is remote started but will not turn on when put the key in and turn on the headlights or parking lights.

Per Sixth ave when they install the remote start they bypass the fuse. The remote start sends signal to lights to have it flashed. Is that a correct statement?

I checked the fuse in engine compartment, did not find a blown fuse.


What fuse controls the taillight and where is it located?
(2) Answers
It is very possible that the remote start system does not go through the tail light fuse in your 2006 Toyota Sienna. The fuse that controls the tail lights is the 10amp "TAIL" fuse. Power to the "TAIL" fuse comes from the TAIL RELAY. Both should be located in the under hood fuse box.