Q: Supercharger coolant leaking into engine on 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra

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The supercharger coolant reservoir sometimes empties into the engine and comes out the exhaust. I replaced the supercharger intercooler but the problem persists and it is not running well. Burning coolant/water smell after acceleration and shakiness
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The Cobra's have two intercoolers. One at the front of the radiator is actually called the "heat exchanger". The other other one is bolted under the supercharger itself and when underpressure, .i.e boost, acceleration, etc., can leak coolant into the exhaust. Leaking intercooler is the problem but let the Ford dealer be your last resort because a new one from them will set you back $998.00. It's a company called LPF performance out in Texas that has a better one for whole lot less. Around $600.00 to be exact. LPF