Q: steering wheel radio/cruise control trim on 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS

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How can I take the trim that is around the radiio and cruise controll off the steering wheel with out damaging the wheel or setting off the airbag?
(1) Answer
You won't set off the airbag if the ignition is off unless you expose it to a static charge once it's disconnected. I'd pull the key out, wouldn't want to have the airbag deploy when I'm in the car. If you remove the airbag, set it FACE UP on the bench so if it deploys it won't go through the roof, maybe taking your head with it.
You'll have to inspect the trim to find out how it's attached. There probably are a few small screws to undo to take off the trim. The airbag may be retained with a few nuts from the front (dash) side of the wheel center.