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THE REASON i WROTE the problem in large letters is my wifes car has this problem and I replaced serpentine belts and still had same problem!!! I cannot take credit for this solution as I found it on another fix it web site...but the solution is pure genious and rediculously easy!!
According to that person,,the steering for the siennas comes down at an ODD angle and is prone to rust and debris from salt and water etc from the road getting up and on the u joint of the steering,,,anyways if you get underneath the van and look up you will see the steering knuckle in question and you just gotta have someone turn the wheel back and forth and blast it with WD40(with their awesome new no lose straw nozzle)the person turning the steering will be amazed as the steering immediately becomes nice and loose and you just spent only 2 bucks to fix,,,Now, you can get it from the top if you have a really strong flashlight and point it down between the air cleaner housing and the firewall. This is not a permenant fix but, a whole lot cheaper than having dealer do whatever they will do,,and like this guy said "you may have to do it once every couple of months but it is easy and takes only a second to do. saves you a fortune!!! it works
The problem is most prominent when making turns or just parking the van. The steering feels tight like its lost power steering, I did add fluid, which was low, but didn't seem to help.