Q: starting the car in the morning on 2010 Hyundai Sonata

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Just bought a 2010 sonata, the next morning go out ot start itto defrost the car,living in IL 5 degrees that morning, the car would not start. I got out of the car then got back in and the car started. It did the same thing the next morning,day 2 of owning the car. Is this common or because of the weather or is there a sensor or something that is wrong.
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Is this a new car or used?
Does the starter work OK? If not, get the car back to the dealer for that.
If it cranks OK but won't start there is one common reason for that: If you are pushing the gas pedal too far it will not deliver fuel. This is normal, it's a feature to clear flooding.
Try pushing the gas pedal down just a little bit if it doesn't start without touching the gas pedal. If this advice doesn't help you, take the car back to the dealer for warrantee work.