Q: Starter Removal on 1995 Toyota Previa

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I just started to remove my starter for testing and I'm having trouble getting to the top 2 bolts that are supposed to be located on the upper section of the bell housing. I am going according to the Haynes manual, but they dont show these bolts. Any suggestions in this area is appreciated.
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On manual transmission cars the clutch slave cylinder needs to be moved out of the way and on a 4WD the drive shaft needs to be removed. The "book labor time" is 1 hour.
The three bolts that secure the starter (I think they have a 14mm head) are removed from the transmission side of the bell housing. I remember it being a little difficult but not terrible.
Is this the case for all make and model manual transmission vehicles? In other words does the slave cylinder need to be removed to replace the starter on a Tacoma truck?