Q: Starter problem on 2002 Nissan Altima

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My starter made a noise when cranking so i replaced it,the new starter did the same thing immediately, so i thought it was defective so i replace it. Now less than 1 day, less than 10 starts, it is making the same noise again. What could this be?? Help & thanks in advance.
(1) Answer

I did a maxima starter and after 3 starters it kept grinding
and made all sorts of noise.
I thought it was the flywheel/flex plate.
I know it's a different car,but it was a nissan.

I called other garages to see if they ran into the same problem.
One garage told me to put in a bosch stater.

I put in a bosch starter and the car started like new and had no noise.
I don't know what the difference is,but that solved the problem.

Every nissan i do now,i use bosch only in nissans.