Q: stalling on 2000 Isuzu Amigo

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car starts and idles fine.When shifting to reverse or drive,idle drops almost instantly,sometimes even stalls.doesn't do it all the time.
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sounds like maybe a lock up solinoid in the tranny is stuck, but there are more possibilities. a transmission shop can scan it for anything and will have a better idea.
Thats what i was thinking.I did check it for any codes but none are stored and all monitors have passed.I know on some american cars if the fluid is low it can cause this concern.checking the fluid level on this car is a pain,having no dipstick.The person who owns it had this concern awhile ago.I told her to have the fluid level checked,said she did,but you know how some shops can be.(they'll tell you they checked it but don't because of the procedure.)I dont have a lift at home to check it.May tell her to go to the dealer(hopefully they will actually check it).she has told me it has been stalling sometimes while already in gear but i have not verified this yet.Don't think it is an idle air control problem ?Don't have much experience with isuzu.I am a toyota,ford tech.