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Q: stalling on 1991 Buick Century

it runs and idles great but stalls somtimes. it may start rigth back up or takes a couple mins. yesterday i drove it in the morning for about 30 to 40 mins stopping at a couple places came home for about an hr or so got in it drove about a half mile it stalled,it started in a couple mins, drove about another mile it stalled, started back up after a couple mins, drove it about 20 to 30 mins with applying a little gas at stop lights than shut it off and it wouldnt start. tried for about 30 mins and it wouldnt start. i unhooked the battery for a min or 2 and it started. has new fuel pump, fuel filter, alternator, battery. the previous owner thinks its the catylitic converter
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Possable - EGR valve (common failure on this car and WILL cause these type of stalling. Also, possible fuel pump relay failure. Is it getting fuel? Try removing gas cap to see if it will operate with the gas cap removed. Check to be sure the air cleaner is not clogged. First you must find out are you failing to get air, fuel, or spark? can not be more specific. Are there any codes set??
It is not the catalytic converter. These type of problems require a diagnosis to determine the cause, anything else is pure guessing and a waste of money. The advice I have is to learn how to diagnose a no-start problem, or take it to a shop that will perform this for you. If you do take it to a shop, make sure you can duplicate the problem for the technician.
I am having the same exact problem . it is not the fuel pump, has a new fuel filter, no boad vacuum lines, and is not throwing a code to read with a scanner. ive had it at 4 garages and no one can tell me what the problem is but its so random with its stalling out. some times mine starts ight back up sometimes it takes a few minutes. I have a new alenator, battery , and catalytic converter. I can not get the car to duplicate the problem for the technician as its so random when it does it and the wont loan me a guy to put in my back seat for up to a week. so do you or anyone have any ideas about this? its a 90 buick century sedan
i had this happen to me took it to dealership they said it was the crankshaft position senser they replaced it never happed again did know there was such thing do now
Has anyone verified the header was taken back when it was discovered as a recall within the first 1000 produced? I found the head cracked easily causing the problem you describe. They have stopped the manufacture of the replacement head 5 years ago. repair what you have is about the only choice. Thre aren't very many on the road of the 1st 1000. I have one.
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