Q: stall when accelerating on 2007 Honda Fit

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on 11/05/10,at 153k miles,by Honda dealer for the same problems. New spark plugs replaced, 2 ignition coils replaced, intake and exhaust valves adjusted, v-tech switch replaced. Costed me 1024.80, running good for 2-3 weeks, I started to feel the stalling again. I drive slower and accelerate slowly, then less stalling.I 'm afraid to bring back to the dealer. Please advice. Thanks.
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Just so you know, from my perspective: The valve adjustment is maintainence (won't cause a stall). The plugs and coils will not cause a stall. The VTEC solenoid - causes performance issues.

I concur - take it back to the dealer; be sure to kindly speak to the manager about your concerns and how you expect them to give you a complimentary recheck. That's what I do for a living - and you wouldn't even have to ask me, if you told me your story.
Similar problem. My dealer is freaking out that I didn't flush the transmisson fluid at 60K. I'm currenty at 83K miles. Service technician said that he may not be able to flush it, because of metal fragments. He said I may have to replace the transmission. Hopefully, he can just flush the fluid and change my spark plugs. I realize I'm overdue for it, fingers crossed it's not as bad as the Honda tech suspects. I'm taking my car in tomorrow. I do eveything else right with the car, so hoping for the best.
Interesting, since Honda expressly recommends against transmission fluid "flushes". Only a drain and fill of the fluid. What kind of metal fragments are they seeing? I can tell you that if you have to replace your Honda transmission at 83,000 miles, I'd be very adamant about speaking to a Honda rep on your behalf for assistance. They WILL help you.
Why would you be afraid to take it back to the dealer. I'm sure they warranty their work. You surely paid enough for the work. Think about it, TAKE IT BACK.