Q: squealing noise on 2005 Nissan Pathfinder

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my 2005 nissan pathfinder makes a high pitched squeal. When you reach over 2000 rpms. We have took it to 2 mechanics and they changed the belts and pulleys. The last one said it was a problem with the way the pulleys were setup. Something about the alternator pulley wasnt getting enough contact. If everything has been replaced. I beleive accept the alternator. Does this mean i need a new one? Also it has a high idle. And it quit squealling for a day or two after each mechanic worked on it.
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I had a similiar problem with a 95 Cherokee. Although totally different vehicles the problem you have kicked my behind for a while until it cost a small fortune to repair. It was the harmonic balancer or dampener some call it. It is actually a 2 piece pully that has a rubber strip sandwiched between an inner and outter pully. When the rubber started to separate the pully became out of alignment and caused the belt to squeel. Mine eventually failed at about 2k rpm send parts flying under the hood taking out the water pump, a/c compressor and radiator. Hope this helps. It's costly if this happens to you.