Q: Squeaking noise on engine top when idling on 2003 Ford Taurus

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When my 2003 Taurua is idling, you hear a squeaking noise(maybe metal rubbung against metal) on top of the engine. What can cause this?
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A squeaking noise can be a pulley or bearing making noise (like an alternator, water pump, or pulley). You might be hearing the distributor (synchronizer) shaft squeaking as well. You can use a stethoscope (or hold your ear to the handle end of a long screw driver) to isolate the noise. Make sure you're careful to stay clear of the cooling fans because they can come on at any time. Be careful around the moving belt and other bits.
hope this helps!
That sounds like your camshaft synchronizer. It happened to me and it drove me nuts until I found it. This is found where the "distributor" used to be LOL Make sure you go with a genuine Ford part on this as the aftermarket ones tend to prematurely fail.