Q: sporadic overheating issue on 2002 Saturn L300

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During above average hot days the engine temperature creeps up when in city traffic but runs back to normal when I get above 35 mph or on days when the ambient temperature is below 80 it seems to hold it's normal temp. I have noticed that when this happens the electric radiator fan is not running? When it clicks on the temp stays normal.
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Are you loosing any engine coolant? If your not loosing coolant the engine is not overheating. If you are concerned that this is not normal, perhaps the radiator is partially restricted, the thermostat is not fully opening.
No engine coolant loss, the temp gauge pegged and the air conditioner blew hot air until I got above 35 mph. Like I said, when this happens the electric radiator fan is not coming on! I just drove through town, it's raining and only 75 and everything was normal and even sat in the parking lot at idle for 10 minutes but the fan was running, the car acted normal but yesterday when it was above 90, the car overheated at low speed but the fan never came on to pull cool air through the radiator.
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