Q: Speedometer quit working on 2000 Volkswagen Golf

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Speedometer quit working after driving over speed bump. Speedometer recently fixed and shop stated it was faulty ground wire conntected to transmission. I am trying to locate the ground wire on the tranny to see if it was jarred loose after going over the speed bump.

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I did a quick google search and I think this is what you're looking for. They have an image of the heat shield it's under

When you find it, make sure the connector is secure and there's no corrosion on the pins. You can trace the wires back to the ground and harness. Inspect the ground and also make sure the wires are not chafed. hope this helps! When I started working on my own cars, I got manuals for all of them, they are a great investment! Bentley Publishers are pretty well known for their repair manuals for European cars
mine quit working on my 98 speedometer I had a vss sensor fault changed it .... still nothing my problem was my rwal sensor on the rear axle i did all my troubleshooting from there it was a bad connector it broke off in my hand i fixed it myself had no more problems from there it was in the connector