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Smg transmission fault

(2006 BMW M5)
in Lawrence, KS on January 20, 2011
It started few weeks ago rarely comes when the car in slow motion or still could , the message was (transmission fault )comes when the car try to shift to the second gear,when the warning light is on ,,, it will then move the gear smoothly and shift from 1 to 3 skipping the gear 2.
i stop the car remove the key and the message is cleared few minutes latter ,i tested the car on the computer and try to adapt the clutch suddenly appeared a new warning message saying (clutch adaptation active) and never be cleared even if i clear all faults in the computer.
i changed the full set of the clutch including clutch sensor, the problem became bigger and the 2nd gear do not respond .
i changed the oil valves system and the speed sensor, and still have the same old problem .
does this means that i have to replace the whole gearbox to have this problem solved?
pls help me
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on January 20, 2011
Could you tell us the set DTCs when the Transmission Fault message was on?
Did you replace the dual mass flywheel also? On E60 M5 produced up to 4/06/2006
is strongly suggested to replace the dual mass flywheel upon any clutch repair/replacement. The updated DMF part# 21 21 2 229 955
Do you have the manufacturing date? If not, post the last 7 digit of the VIN#.
Here is what you need to do when the clutch was replaced (the order is important!):
1, Bleed the actuator block (if the system was opened)
2, Teach in clutch characteristic values
3, Tech in clutch slip point
4, Reset clutch curve ( Some diag. computer like GT1 will do this automatically if the #3 and 4 steps are successfully carried out.)

What kind of diagnostic computer are you using on this?
Let us know the diag. trouble codes.


on January 20, 2011
thank u Zee Tech for ur answers
the DTCs are all functioning ok
i did not replace the flywheel coz it looks very clean and the clutch also was half age it has been replaced a year ago with the flywheel and I've done only 30 k on them.
manufacturing date is 9/2005 .
we have all diagnostic computers here, u can advise in which should i use , does the SSS do the propose ?
i will try to tell my man to do it by the order of ur 4 steps .
now they r ordering a used complete gearbox to test it do u advice to do this ?
and pls inform me y was the problem only appearing when shifting to the 2nd gear and still .. but the whole transmission now is too noisy and bombing only after clutch replacement ..
thank u soo soo much.
on January 20, 2011
First I'd follow the sequence. GT1 should be the best to do it.
When the warning light came on before the clutch replacement there should be trouble codes registered into the SMG control unit. Do you still have those?
Do you know if the dual mass flywheel was the improved one - with the new part # ?
You said the clutch was replaced before, could you tell what was the reason that time, and if there was any damage to the clutch that time?

on January 23, 2011
Dear zee

The Diacode before we replace clutch was : D2360_00000000_90_212 , but when we tested the clutch again a ( clutch adaptation active !) massage is stocked in the dashboard and did not go off like the previous one .and the computer can not read any more saying( too long to read )

i don't know why the clutch has been changed from the previous owner but the new flywheel is the improved one with the part # u gave me .

now we installed a new gear control unit from one of my friends car (only for test) and we can clear faults and program it now, but the gear is back to the first problem and even more dumpy and the gear can not engage 2nd gear when the warning light is on but moves hardly to the other gears .plus
it still doesn't accept adaption .

for the steps u told me to do : we can not proceed with steps 2 , 3 ,4 coz both control units i used do not accept to read the values or make adaptation ( i think coz the 2nd gear can not be engaged ).
we also programed the whole car online after replacing the clutch .

finally, i have few question for u please :
1- does the fuel pump might have any thing to do in this situation ?
2- do i still have to change the flywheel?
3-why do i have the ( clutch adaptation active !) massage stocked in my gear control unit while it did not show in my friends control unit ?
4- do you think that changing the gear box with a used one for testing purpose is a good idea?
thank you so much

on January 23, 2011
Before we go further, is there any fault code in the DME (engine control module) or SMG control unit, either in your or the donor module from your friends car? Did you see ANY of these or ANY OTHER fault codes:
4F42 - Hydraulic unit, on period
4F43 - Hydraulic unit activation frequency, pressure build-up; and
4F40 - Hydraulic unit, pressure range undershot.
4F82 - Gearbox blocked, 1/R
4F83 - Gearbox blocked, 3/
4F84 - Gearbox blocked, 7/6
4F85 - Gearbox blocked, 4/2
Perhaps any other fault codes?
If there are some certain faults in the DME or SMG control unit the SMG could go to a "limp home" mode, could skip gears and not accepting adaptation or re-learn unless the problem is fixed.
It might be just a software issue. I'd suggest to update ALL THE SOFTWARES in all of the control unit to the latest version. You can check the versions under CIP.
If the modules are updated to the latest softwares, try to readapt the SMG and see if it goes through.
The problem is that we can chase our own tail trying to fix a hardware problem if it's caused by a software. That's why I'd make sure all the latest software is installed.
Please post all the fault codes since the first attempt to repair the SMG. Let's see what we can find.


I forgot, if you post an e-mail I can send you few Technical Service Bulletin (SIB as Bimmer calls it) from BMW. It might help you to get closer to resolve the SMG problem.
on January 23, 2011
4F80 is the fult stored
on April 05, 2011
4F42 - Hydraulic unit, on period
4F40 - Hydraulic unit, pressure range undershot

I have this after making all adaptation or re-learn succesfuly and SMG changes perfectly till without any reason goes in limp mode.
On DME I have (also after some time, not from start) some VANOS position DTC (not permanent).
All test regarding, pressure, drop pressure, accumulator is succesfuly.

I check also the DME software and is the latest. I will check today the SMG software.

on May 04, 2011
Hey guys, I have just been through the ringer on all this with my wife's car. I am sharing my experience in the hopes that it will help someone else.

My wife's BMW 2005 BMW 530i started exhibiting driving issues after we bought it. When coming to a stop it would bump pretty hard like someone was rear-ending us. In addition, it started throwing 4F85 codes.

We took it to BMW who told us we needed to swap out the tranny with a rebuilt one. My warranty company was not down with that and they had me take it to a transmission rebuilder. I took it to Eagle Transmission on Inwood in Dallas, Texas. Doug Brice is the owner and he is one of the best. Initially he rebuilt the transmission and found out why there was such a severe bump. Apparently there is some slack in the clutches that needs to be tightened up.

Once the car was back together, they test drove it and found the 4f85 code came back. We were both scratching our heads on this one because searching the forums and internet did not give us much. So he put a call into ZF, the manufacturer of the transmission and waited. Surprisingly a tranny rebuilder from ZF called back. He told him that 4F85 is not electrical, but mechanical. The bushing for the input shaft wears out of spec and then you start getting that code. You can't buy just the bushing, you need to purchase the shaft for about $500. It is not something you can just eyeball on the bushing, you need to measure it and check it against the limits of the allowable clearance.

Here is a pic

He ordered a new input shaft and put it in, he said it was much tighter than the old part. We have had the car back a few days and I have to say, it is great. He took out the slop in the downshift and take offs, and we have not got the code again. If anyone is having this trouble, it is with the ZF ZFLS6HP19 transmission and he can take care of you. Keep in mind, this transmission is not just in the BMW 530i, but other BMWs as well. This problem seems to be quite a money maker for BMW and ZF. The bushing appears to be under-supported and thus wears quickly causing this issue. It would be nice if they would come out with a decent fix, but apparently building a quality transmission is less important than building a money making transmission.

Again, contact Doug and he can help you out.
His number is
3317 Inwood Rd
Dallas, TX 75235
on May 04, 2011
This is a great info, but we need to clarify something. In the topic we were talking about an SMG (Sequential Manual Gearbox) which is a Manual Transmission with a computer controlled electro-hydraulic clutch.

In your car you have a ZF 6 speed Automatic Transmission, GA6HP19, which is a completely different design, although it could set the DTC 4F85 code.

This is still an excellent info and hopefully it won't cause any confusion in the future.
Thank you very much for your time and the link to the photo. I bet many BMW owners will appreciate it.

on March 25, 2012
can i have your phone number to discuss this same problem with my BMW M5
on March 21, 2018
Hey i have this code 4f40
Can u help me
on January 20, 2011
it could possably be the pressure plate or clutch
on January 20, 2011
this is an SMG III transmission,, clutch is already replaced and the oil system too.
on September 21, 2011
I have the "clutch! Adapatation Active" on.... It happened after we programmed the Euro SMG software version on US car.... the car runs perfectly fine but the "Clutch! Adaptation Active" is still on.... Any idea about it? thank you.

PS: the Error code is 4F67
on September 22, 2011
mostly it is the clutch adaptation sensor
on September 24, 2011
wahab, thanks for the reply. I am trying to find what 4F67 means.... it is very hard to find the BMW Transmission codes.... do you have any? Is it the clutch sensor?
on April 23, 2013
I also have the smg error 4f67. I just had the clutch and flywheel replaced and the clutch adaptation will not run successfully.
on July 29, 2013
I have the same problem as m5rbk

I also have the smg error 4f67. I just had the clutch and flywheel replaced and the clutch adaptation will not run successfully.

did you end up getting this issue resolved ? and is so what did you do?
on December 17, 2013
Dear sir
code 4F76 is for clutch valve value slipping

on September 16, 2014
Hi there,
What did you do to fix fault code 4F67. Thanks for any response.
on August 16, 2016
I have a customers 2008 m6 smg here that we are having the same problems with. First the car came in not shifting right. (friday) the car was dropped off following (monday). It would shift in to gear, but was slipping and would not accelerate over 15mph.
DME Codes: 5200, 4FA0, 510C.
TCM Codes: 2b11, 2b10,
After running throw several test i diagnosed that the clutch switch was bad. Replaced. then went to set up clutch slip and would not work. Used CARDAQ-PLUS 2 to program. Everything there went throw. After programing i Was able to set clutch slip at this point... back out for a test drive car still driving the same and now i have the 4F67 code that wont clear out. Planing on pulling gearbox out to inspect clutch.
I am using the Autologic assist plus scan tool. Any input would be great
Thank You!
on August 19, 2016
After pulling gearbox, Found the clutch was worn down to the rivets, hot spots on pressure plate and flywheel, duel mass also sloppy. Replaced clutch, flywheel, ext that was needed. Now another test drive after programming clutch slip point. Was still getting the 4F67 code. Car drove good but was not vary smooth at clutch engagement point. After walking throw everything aegean we realized we missed a programing step with scan tool ( assist plus ). Have to program for clutch replacement then set clutch slip, otherwise code 4f67 won't reset and get a red gear light with sound. Once that was done everything was good to go!
This car only had 54k miles on it so, One theory we had was the clutch sensor failed that caused clutch slip to be set to a default setting witch took out the clutch.? customer stated car was not shifting right for a couple weeks and getting worse. Before it came in to be diagnose.
Hope this help in some way.
Thank you
Tim simpson
on July 11, 2015
Hey guys
Please help me out .. I have bmw 530d 2009 .. Whenever i speed up the car till 80kmph to 120kmph ,an error occurs stating "transmission faulty, drive moderately,reduced acceleration"
And then the car doesnt shift up the gear
And the rev is high
But as soon as i turn the ignition off
And switch it on again
It disapears..and also when the problem comes ,i cannot drive it in sports mode,it automatically turns to drive mode.
Please help me with this problem
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