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Q: shut down wii not crank does not turn over on 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

shut down going down the road had it towed home stick key in switch on poistion fan starts running no crank wii not turn over next day car cranked hooked mac hand held scanner check codes as i was checking car shut down lost contac with computer could not get back engine cooling fan started running again witch switch on will not turn over i do have dash lights

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Crossfire must communicate with transmitter in key fob, otherwise will not crank and will die if running. Easy answer; extend key from fob, open key case as shown by arrows under key slot, replace batteries if over 8 years old, if newer simply rub both batteries front and back, and around edges, with fingers (to remove invisible film) and reinstall batteries, both with plus side up. Has fixed "will not crank" and "dies suddenly" problems every time on local crossfires.
Start with the basics, check that the battery connections are clean and tight. It's possible that the auto shutdown (ASD) relay is failing and shutting down the engine. Locate the ASD relay and tap on it or wiggle it when the engine's quit running and see if it helps. That would point to the ASD getting intermittent.
first thank you for replying yes i did go back to the basics checked all grounds cables plugs around battery tried to hook solus pro up to computer still no contact still cooling fan runs no crank . pulled pcm out body control module out and relay control which is the a.s.d relay with switch on i hit the asd relay two or three times fan stoped running checked scanner i could communcate with computer turned switch to crank position car started with no problem called black well dodge danvill v.a part is called pulse relay price 280.00 @ TAX AND DO HAVE SERIL NO BEFORE ORDING PARTS FOR THIS CAR
Car just started drying at stop light. Next day go to work . Go to lunch dead. Jump start go to get battery tested battery partial charge left. Check alternator okay buy new battery go home next day go to work turn key off DEAD Help can't even get it to jump now. Ideas?
Hi, I am having what sounds like same problem with my 04 crossfire. Just quits, but cooling fan runs and when cooling fan shuts down car will start and run. What did you figure out problem was? You mentioned a auto shutdown relay. thanks
I'd like to know whether you got this fixed. I am looking to get a crossfire and anticipating problems like this. Several typical problems show up on the internet, earlier referenced a pulse module, not sure about that. definitely join CrossfireForum.Org , 0. battery voltage has to be high, 1. cheap, lookup crank positioning sensor, also check slk320 problems. 2. cheapest, and more likely, the relay module in the box by the battery, it can be taken apart and checked visibly, resolder the connections in one spot, manufacturing defect, 3 the SKREEM security module, expensive and requires update using factory scanner, 4. the PCM computer, more rarely the problem, and very expensive, requires using the factory scanner at the dealer, sometimes 3&4 there are detailed writeups on these, I got the factory manuals and am reading them cover to cover, I am buying some scanners, might find one that gives the Chrysler codes I need, the factory scanners are too expensive, and you have to have special dealer priveledges to get stuff like the PIN and flashes I also signed up for the Mitchell's online repair manual, many good writeups, including this

long answer, but there is more
the factory manuals have detailed pin references where you can check basic electrical problems, short to ground, short to voltage, open, using just a multimeter(with high impedance) for most of the circuits, otherwise you are dependent on the very expensive and proprietary factory testers
My problem is my radiation fan keeps running is killing my battery. We took a fuse out and charged the battery and it worked. What can be the problem? A friend told me I will have to take complete dash board out to turn off a switch. By the way, 2013 I put in heat and air condition, plus the radiation fan. The mechanic had to take complete dash board out. Spent almost a $1000. Since I have had this it has been a nightmare. Much as I put money in this money trap I could have brought a new car.
Had the same thing. It was like it wasn't getting gas. It is the scream module for the secrity system. It will code if you go to a proper repair shop. Most dealerships do not have the machine. This is a Mercedes hidden under a Chrysler body. So take it somewhere that can code Mercedes or German made cars.
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