Q: Should I replace oil separtor on 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500

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My car has 72k on it and every time I go to the dealer service there's something else wrong. It's always a small inexpensive part that cost $300 in labor to replace. In thi case an oil separator and a transmount that they say is "flat" The oil separator has a pan that catches the oil so conveniently I have seen a leak. Also no one said how uch oil is leaking

They also recommend a brake fluid flush. andI believe I got one last year.
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You can see from our common problems page that this oil leak is common:
You can suggest a scale for the severity of the wear on the parts (1-5 1=new 5=needs replacement now) this will help to let you know how bad the part really is. It is important that they let you know the condition of your vehicle, but some places will try to leave the decision solely on the customer, and this is wrong. They are the professionals, and you can ask for their professional opinion about whether a repair is urgent or can wait. If you feel like they are trying to up-sell too much, get a second opinion.

If you keep track of your records in our "My Car" section, you can have your records in an easy to find place so you'll know the last time you had a specific repair!