Q: Shift Lock solenoid on 2004 Volvo XC70

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I have been reveiwing older comments. My car (sometimes) will not come out of park. I will check brake lights (as previously recommended); however, I do not believe it to be this. I can feel the solenoid actuator but it does not seem to release the lock mechanism. I have most of the consol apart but do not have a repair manual to do the rest. How can I get to the switch or the spring in the shift handle???
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honestly i'm not very familiar with Volvo's, but i can tell you that on Ford products the shift interlock solenoid is integrated into the shifter assembly on floor shift models and normally has to be replaced as a unit. not sure that this is helpful or not.
I agree...I am trying to find a manual so i can replace the shifter and/or the neutral safety switch.

I believe it is a mechanical problem in the shift lever. I can feel the solenoid actuating when I step on the brakes and the brake lights all work; however, sometimes it will shift and sometimes it will not. I believe it is the connection in the shift that is slipping.
you need to replace cable. it is cheep about 40.00 D .it goes from back of ignition to gear shift. good luck
That is what I had to do.

Out of my area of capability without a manual. To bad.

Cost about 150 with labor.

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