Q: Shaking Steering Wheel Around 40-45 mph on 1999 Jeep Wrangler

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I've had this Jeep for almost a year and a half. Last year the steering wheel would shake around 40mph. It stopped for awhile and then did it off and on every once in awhile. Now it's doing it again and it seems like if I accelerate slowly, the entire Jeep will shake. The wheels wobble when it happens too.

Can I fix this myself? I have very little money for major repairs right now. Is there at least something I can do in the meantime until I can take it to a mechanic?
(1) Answer
The least expensive thing to do is have the tires balanced and rotated to see if one tire has lost a wheel weight as is causing this, plus it will put the front tires on the rear and eliminate an out of balance possibility