Q: ROUGH codes on 2000 Dodge Stratus

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emission test showed gas cap fail 2 times then pass..other fail was showing Check Engine light on when it was not...
I had previously taken gas cap off to make light come on to ensure working then disconnected battery to reset and make light go off...was no code light on before and none on now but runs a tad rough @ idle...happens cold or hot..changed plugs & wires & pcv & air filter and idle still a tad rough...thanks in advance for your help...

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poss problem your fuel pump failing, also check your evap system there's few hoses change/replace the cracked one.
Hi ebans777, Thanks so much for the guidance..I had completely forgotten that the hose coming from the box marked "injection" going to behind pcv was cracked @ the end and I wrapped electrical tape around it for a temp fix since I just bought the car and needed to get emission test... Your reply reminded me of it...curious why no light came on though....But thanks again for your help and I will post back when replaced and hopefully solved...