Ford Thunderbird Problem Report

Ford Thunderbird Revised ignition coil available with improved water and oil sealing

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Water or oil may enter into the ignition coil cover and the spark plug bore, causing a misfire and illuminating the Check Engine Light. A coil with improved water and oil sealing is available and should be installed.

I have had several costly engine repairs at several Ford dealerships (coils, plugs, etc. to the tune of over $5 to 6K since I bought the car new in 2002. Just recently a non-Ford repair shop finally told be about the windshield wiper leaks that are causing the problems. After yet another costly repair of $890(but less the than half of what I was charged each time at Ford) I paid about $350. to fix the problem once and for all. SHAME on Ford for not telling me and for not covering any of the repairs!!!! Yes FORD...still Found On the Road Dead, F----- On a Raw Deal, and Fix or Repair Daily. -
My '04 Thunderbird had been a wonderful car until May of 2014. At about 35,000 miles it started missing occasionally, especially when ascending a hill in the road. I had a local with a "machine" hook it up. "Machine" said to replace spark plug and coil #8. $85.00 He did, test drove it. I picked it up. within 15 miles same problem. Took it back to him. Machine again said to replace spark plug and coil # 8. He suggested I take it to dealership. I did. They diagnosed and replaced spark plug and coil #8. $278.69 It got me to Tampa. Sat for 2 weeks. Again misfiring the same way. I called Ford800-392-3673. They told me about the ignition coil program #07M07. I am waiting for a call back from local dealership. To be continued -
Numbers 2, 3 and 7 coils failed. Replaced under extended warranty but had to pay for the right valve cover gasket $59 for the gasket, $200 labor. -
Oil on coils -
About every 5000 miles one of those coils fails. The Dealer is replacing them under the extended warranty on the coils, but Ford won't authorize replacing them all a once. They only authorize replacing the one that failed, so I'm stuck going back every few thousand miles when another one fails. I'm at 50000 miles now and the 4th one needs replacing. This has been going on since 35000. -
Same old shXX. Misfiring at idle and higher speeds. -
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