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Q: Replacing the exhaust system on 1992 Toyota Camry

My Camry has over 153,000 miles, I've had the car for 6yrs and haven't spent a lot of money on repairs until lately. Which is expected given the age and miles on the car. I just had brake work done last week, and asked them to let me know what other work needed to be done. The mechanic told me I needed additional work done on the suspension - get my rear struts replaced - that is the reason why my car bounces and sounds like my trunk is rattling when I go over bumps. Yesterday, I heard something dragging, and my son looked under the car and told me it was part of my exhaust system in the front of the car, the "long part", and that the entire system is completely rusted out and needs to be replaced. My son put a wire across that section so I could drive home. Last year I had work done on my muffler and my car hasn't sounded the same since-it's kind of loud-like I have a souped up car, but not loud enough to be a violation. Last week the mechanic never mentioned the exhaust system being rusted out and needing work when he worked on the brakes, and my son says it is obvious. I'm pretty sure the struts problem has aggravated the problem. Can anyone give me a ballpark estimate of the cost to repair the exhaust system and replace the struts? I need to know if it would be worth the cost, or if I should put the money towards another car. Should I take it to an exhaust specialist or a regular repair shop? Also, someone told me I should buy the parts myself and take them to the garage. I don't think that would be appropriate or practical because I don't know what I'm doing. I think I should just take the car and let the shop order the parts. I don't know what to do, and don't think I want to go to the same shop again. Although they have worked on my car before, I think that I need to switch shops since they didn't mention this problem. I didn't even drive my car today out of fear the part would fall down again. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
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First and foremost, find a better shop, the one you are using is missing important safety issues.
Go to an exhaust shop, they can do it faster and cheaper.
Since I can't see your exhaust, I don't know how much that will be.
Strut replacement is on our estimator section:

as for a new car, well do you have 20-30 K? Or say 10k for a good used car? If you take care of this Camry, It can go for about 300,000 miles, I own one myself and I will drive it until the paint comes off.
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