Q: Replaced the ecm, how to program, has different key for door on 2005 Scion xB

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The engine computer was purchased rebuilt, the place said it would not need re programming, the car would learn it, however it has a different key for the door, seperate one or the ignition too, so now it will run, but no radio etc, does it need to go to the dealer? ouch!! I found a article about resetting the ecu by pulling the fuse #12, will that work? We took it to a mechanic who supposedly could fix it, but now he is saying it has to go to the dealer, after he has done "what he could" Help, it's already been expensive, first the ecm, then a alternator, and his bill on top of that
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first of all why did you replace the pcm?? second, it does not learn anything. it must be flashed by someone with the proper equipment. after this, then you need to verify the repair fixed your problem. hopefully it will,