Q: Recent oil leak from intake manifold vicinity , and not from valve cover gasket. on 1990 BMW 535i

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I have an oil leak from the rear engine near the intake manifold by the 6th connector. The leak was just happened today. Is it part of the PVC? There is a series of 6 of these connectors just below the intake manifold. Not sure what the exact name of the part or what part needs to be replace. Oil is found around the section connecting to the manifold near the engine firewall, and its dripping down to the lower engine block and onto the exhaust manifold causing some unpleasant oil smoke. There is no trace of oil from the valve cover gasket near the rear of the engine. When engine idling , unable to detect where the leak is coming from. It is possible the oil leak is coming from PCV intake system. Please advise on potential problem and solution. I have done majority of the repair on this car and I'm fairly mechanically inclined with technical stuff.
Thank you for your time and assistant.
Richard Hoang -
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