Q: Rear Wiper Arm on 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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How can you adjust this. Since the last ice storm,the arm only goes about a quarter up the rear window.
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The rear wiper arm may be loose on the wiper motor shaft. Try moving it by hand a see if it is loose. If so, remove the attaching nut cover, the nut, and the arm. Lightly clean the splines on the wiper motor shaft with a wire brush. Operate the rear wiper in the intermittent mode. Turn the key off while the wiper motor is stopped in the intermittent rest position. Reinstall the wiper arm so that is properly aligned in the intermittent rest position. Install and tighten the wiper arm nut. If this does not correct your problem you may find that with wiper motor has been damaged.
My particular problem is the arm is constantly coming out of adjustment so that the travel of the wiper blade only clears about a 1/4 of the rear window on the drivers side. Is there an adjustment for this. I feel that General Motor has a problem with this.