Q: Rear noise on 2002 Lincoln LS

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How much should it cost to have my rear bearings (one side) replaced on my 2002 Lincoln LS? I hear what sounds like "road noise" when driving. I was told today it will cost $1500.00 to repair.Is this the start of problems? I have 69000. miles on this car.
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I looked into this estimate for you and we inadvertently had the wrong part added to this estimate. I made the appropriate changes and you will see the update very soon.
Did you try getting an estimate on RepairPal? This should show up as wheel bearing replacement. 1500 sounds high to me.
Yes, estimate from RePair Pal was 210.00 to 299.00. That is why I questioned the $1500.00. However, on the Lincoln LS (and several other cars) you can't just replace the wheel bearings, it is a "kit" that needs replacing just to fix the bearings. So, I feel that Repair Pal was missleading in my case. I did get two other estimates and one was $1900.00 (Fresno) the other said $1450-$1600 (Hanford).