Q: rear heater does not work on 1994 Mercury Villager

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My 94' villager's rear heating fan/blower will not come on.
The front heater, defogger, etc works fine. What could the problem be? Go into the vent to check or replace the blower/fan or recheck settings in front? Perlpexed.
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It could be the blower resistor as stated in answer one but could also be the switch, blower motor or possible a power or ground issue. Check if you are getting the correct voltage from switch to resistor with volt meter would be advised. If you would like us to look at it just call me and schedule an appointment (313-562-7022). I am sure we can figure it out for you.

it is switch issue on climate control module. it can be fixed with a little soldering. pull out module and inspect all solder welds for movement. find moving weld (usually last weld on the switch) and solder it in tightly and blower motor should kick on unless motor bad. to test motor use jumper wire with 12 volt load and watch for spin or a hum. if it hums it is locked up if it spins the motor is good and soldering is all that is needed.
i own a 1995 villager same problem.i found that there is a relay inside the front dash control that goes bad in nearly every one of them.if you take the back off of the control you can disconnect the ground wire from it and run it to frame saves you 440 dollars from having to buy another control.
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