Q: rear bushings on 1995 Honda Odyssey

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Sorry I can't be more specific... I am not as car savvy but I can tell you I am referring to the 4 bushings that lead to the back wheels. One is closer to the wheel and the other is a little farther away. How many different bushings are in the rear suspension? Also, what tools are needed to change them out?
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The rear trailing arm bushings tend to deteriorate. There is a tool to press the trailing arm bushing on the car without removing the trailing arm but it is expensive for you to purchase and only use once. It may be cheapest for you to remove the trailing arm, buy the bushings and get a machine shop to press in the bushing for you. Its a big enough job to under take at home , bleeding brakes ect.....
You certainly need proper instruction. There is a company that independent auto repair shops "buy" their information from that offer a very reasonable service to do it yourselvers. You get a one year subscription to year make and model specific repair procedures, service bulletins, component locations, wiring diagrams ect.... great quality information same as the professionals have ,much better than generic workshop manuals from parts stores, much cheaper than the factory manual.