Q: Rear brake rotors frozen to wheel on 2006 Lexus GS430

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I decided to change my front and back brake rotors due to pulsating brakes. The fronts were easy, came right off. New Disc pads installed. The rear rotors won't come off. They appear to be stuck to the wheel and emergency brake shoes inside the rotor. I sprayed it with WD40 at the hub, tapped it A few times to set up some vibrations. Still stuck. ANy ideas or tricks to help free up the rear rotors? Brian
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Some of these model cars have 2 phillips head or torx head screws, that hold the rotors to the hub. Check between the wheel studs for these if they are there remove them. If not be sure parking brake is fully disengaged, and you many need to loosen
the adjusting nut on the parking brake cable. It may be tightened enough to open the parking brake shoes.
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