Q: Rattling sound? on bumps and dips on 2002 Acura MDX

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my problem is this, when driving at any speed, going through dips, or on series of small bumps, I get a rattle sound coming from the front. It definetly sounds suspension related.sounded like loose/worn struts, but after replacing both these the noise persists.I too have replaced the steering rack, which did not change the noise either, although reason for that was fluid leakage. I have spotted some leakage on the inner cv joints, which tells me they may be worn. anyone have solutions/experience with this? sway bar/links?
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Sway bar links were my guess. I would disconnect them and tie them out of the way, drive the car and see if the noise is still there. Could an exhaust rubber hanger be broken or the exhaust hitting the body?
Ok, I tied the bars up, and drove the car, this time the noise was still there, and if anything, louder. But I did discover that a gentle pressure on the brakes was enough to silence it on those bumps. Lower control arms? probably just got bad bushings, or ball joints. cv shafts are still in the back of my mind