Q: Rattling Noise on 2011 Nissan Sentra

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I have a 2011 Sentra SE L with less than 500 mi and whenever I start to drive after the car has sat for a while I hear a rattling/rumbling sound coming from possibly the right rear wheel well or muffler area. Any ideas what is causing this?
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So hard to guess without being able to hear the sound first hand, I would certainly drop into the dealer and ask them to have a look to see if it any thing serious/dangerous.
I have a brand new Sentra and am experiencing the same sound. It usually comes right after the doors automatically lock (15 mph) and it happens only once, the first time you reach 15 mph. According to Nissan, the noise is NORMAL, and is a result of the car doing an ABS self-check.

Nissan said as long as the car does this once per drive cycle, and not for an extended amount of time, the sound is normal.

I hope this helps.