Q: Rattle on 2009 Lexus ES350

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I'm getting a rattle coming from the top of the dash when i hit a bump or rough surface on the road coming from on the right side above the glove box close to winshield.
Cannot find where its coming from.

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I work on a lot of theses cars and haven't experienced a common problem with these. Could something have fallen down behind the dash or out of the glove box when it was closed have fallen behind the glove box.
I have a 2007 ES350 that had similar problem. I happened to have had windshield develop crack and needed to replace. When windshield was out, it could see where plastic could rattle in area near defrost vents. I wedged some pad in there and seems to have been solved. Only problem is you can't get to it without removing windshield.
I believe its coming from long plastig with holes that leeves get stock below windshield viper its rattles
when you hit with your hands try to tapit with heavy
plastic and secure it with scotch when you close the hood pressureiez .Also under the front seets in the floor. heet docs are rattling when you go on bumps secure them top and bottem .
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