Q: Radio changes channels intermittently on 2003 Ford Excursion

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The Radio starts changing channels, AM/FM by itself and even goes to CD and back to radio without touching the display - I have replaced the radio and have the same issue. Seems like there is some sort of electrical disturbace - could it be a bad alternator, shorted wire? I have also had the enitre AC display go dark and be unrepsonsive at times as well - not bery often though.
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Do you have remote radio mode switch controls on the steering wheel? I have seen these controls stick causing the concern you described.
Thanks for the reply - I do have controls in the steering wheel - after more research yesterday I found that the wiring in the driver’s seat may be causing the problem. I found that when sitting still in park there is not an issue, but when I lean toward the door or when in motion (driving) that the problem occurs. I am wondering if the radio controls for the back seat wiring harness run through or under the front seat. I recently had the seat cover replaced which meant the front seat was removed and the wiring in the seat (seat controls and seat heater) was involved.