Q: Radiator replacement on 1990 Volvo 240

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your estimator doesnt go back to my 1986 Volvo. can i just use the 1990 estimate or contribute to the site with my findings? let me know.
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i thought it would be a hard fix, i have a 1991 volvo 740 and my radiator went out and it cost about $100 (before tax) for the part. all you have to do is drain the coolant into a container, save it. disconnect hoses and but it the new one in and put hoses back in. maybe a 1hr to 1.5hr job. not to mention the pride you will get for doing the job yourself and the money you save. the thermostat that was mentioned above in the answer just use the one from the old radiator.
Your right, it is an easy job. I will caution, getting the automatic transmission lines on and off is a little tricky, be careful you don't cross thread them. I don't suggest you use old coolant and thermostat though. These are inexpensive items and the one thing you cannot do with this engine is let it overheat, it will do a lot of damage to the head and engine block. That's not worth the $30-$40 you save by reusing old parts.
The 1986 240 radiator replacement will be very close to the 1990, possibly identical. It's also a good time to replace the thermostat too.