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Q: Radiator Problem on 2006 Mercedes-Benz E500

My 2006 MB has only 30,000 miles on it and I took it into the dealer I purchased it from and they said that the radiator had a small hole the size of a pinhead and the fluide ran into the transmission. I had taken my care in 2 months earlier and everthing checked out find. What should I do they are telling me it going to be over $5000.00 for repair. my email address is
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They are saying the transmission oil cooler has a pinhole in it that is allowing coolant into the radiator? Do you experience any transmission problems right now? Do they think it would be worth while flushing out and refilling the transmission (with correct oil) after first repairing the coolant/ transmission oil transferring problem.
The way they explained it to me was that if the fluid has gotten into the radiator, I would have to purchase a new transmission and radiator. The problem I am having with this is the car went in for a check up 2 months earlier and everything checked out. I am not sure why this happened and I don't have the answer to your question this is why I am consulting with your because why would I have to buy these new parts.
Unfortunately you had 4 years / 50,000 miles warranty. Since you have only 30K and MB just inspected the vehicle 2 months ago you can try to make a deal with MB. Try to talk to the service manager directly, as overbys suggested it, if they won't offer any help you can call MB of North America and see if they can do something.
If no help available from them, you are your own.

Did you have any shifting / transmission problem before you took the car to the MB dealer or no shifting problem at all? If there was no problem I'd definitely try to perform a transmission flush, just like Patrick suggested it.

In case the transmission has to be repaired or rebuild I'd suggest a good independent MB shop. They usually have lower prices than the dealer.

Thank you for this info, its very helpful. I have tried talking to the MB dealership in Buffalo, New York, they are not willing to offer any help with the problem, instead they gave me a print out of what the cost would be to make the repairs which was over $5000.00. The car didn't have a problem shifting into gear, however, it wouldn't pick up with much speedy. If you will please provide the number to MB North America and maybe we can talk with them directly to see if they are willing to help us with this problem. Thank You
If they won't help you, tow it to an independent MB shop, replace the radiator and get a complete ATF flush and see if it works good again before you commit to rebuild the transmission. I believe most of us in this board would do the same.
I hope MBNA will help you though.
Here is their contact info:

Thank You Zee, I will let you guy's know after I contact them. Thank you so much for your help.

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After your MB warranty expires, you are an orphan. Any
MB participation in this repair is up to them, but I have never seen more than 50%. they are not obligated to
give anything and you will find that out quickly if you even hint at legal action. This is the reason 90% of all dealership service work leaves and goes into the independent specialty market as soon as the warranty is over. I suggest you meet in person with the service manager or general manager and ask them to get the zone
office involved. Be nice, be persistant and do not threaten.
Thank you for the tips, i promise to be very nice. Hopefully they will work with us, paying $5000 dollars is a lot of money for a car that only have 3000 miles on I thought that MB cars were well build and a problem like this one seems to be a manufactural problem.
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