Q: Radiator fluid leaked into the transmission fluid through the coolant system. on 2003 Acura MDX

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We have never seen anything like this....The bottom of the radiator also houses the transmission cooling systems. The radiator leaked into the transmission. We have flushed and flushed it but we will never get the water out. Has anyone ever had any problems like this. We already had the overdrive or torque converter problem. We drive in D4.
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Yes the radiator also houses the transmission fluid cooler. There is just a thin wall separating the two systems. That wall is damaged. You need to replace the radiator to fix this problem.
We replaced it but it was too late for the will not downshift if you are at a stop light or if you are turning a corner and you try to re-accelerate. We flushed the traney no less than 20 times but the problem is still there. And to make matters worse my car was struck head on by a deer on Saturday the radiator was destroyed. Now we will see how bad the problem is and if it can be replaced. unbelievable.
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