Q: Radiator cooling fan on 1997 Ford Escort

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Radiator fan will not turn on. Turned fan on by using jumper wires to battery. Changed fuse. Replaced fan switch. Replaced fan sensor. Replaced constant control relay module. Fan still will not turn on. After car has set all night, temp. gauge still reads hot. When car is started, temp gauge moves well past hot in a matter of a few minutes. Help?
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The engine uses the engine coolant sensor to trigger the fan when the engine gets hot, there is no switch. So I assume that is what you mean. When you turn on the A/C does the fan immediately come on? Because it should, this is one way to test the computer's ability to turn on the fan. When the computer sees the signal from the A/C system it turns on the fan by energizing the constant control relay pack. Are all the fuses to the relay pack in good shape? Those are the 40 amp fuse and the 30 amp fusible link. I have seen defective relay packs melt those things and of course you are using new factory parts?
I did use the wrong term to describe the coolant sensor (fan switch). I also turned the a/c on and the fan did not work. Tested all fuses by continuity check. Where is 30 amp fusible link?