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Q: Problem with VSC and Brake Light coming on on 2003 Toyota Sequoia

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I recently purchased a 2003 Sequioa (Jan 2011), and this last month (Feb) the VSC and Brake light came on while I was driving. I took it to the local Toyota dealer, and they updated the AOG computer software, however, I'm still having the problem. They now are telling me that the recommended repair is to replace the Master Cylinder and Brake Booster at a cost of $1,700. I've had the SUV a month and a half, purchsed from a Thousand Oaks Toyota, and now I may have a $2K dollar bill. Has anyone had experience with the Trac Control VSC and Brake light problems being corrected by replacing these parts. before I shell out any money?
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we have a 2003 Sequoia too, not sure if the dealership advised on this but there was a recall on the VSC system back in 2011. We received a letter late last year and since have serviced the car. You shouldn't have to pay for the repair. The fault is a computer gliche. The problem when they diagionsed the skid control ECU was that the computer on the truck was malfunctioning and all they have to do is reset it. they never told us that we had to replace anything, but the cost was $1050. Fortunately, this is a recall so we didn't have to pay for it. Google Toyota Recall Information- 2003 Sequoia, you may be able to get a reimbursement from Toyota.
Good luck.
As always, getting a second opinon is a great plan, especially under the circumstances. Sure, I have seen repairs as you mentioned (although I always get concerned when the diagnosis is essentially "replacing everything"...), but I've also seen issues with brake light switches being out of sync causing the warning lights, for example. It's all up to the diagnosis on hand to see what has occured and what needs to be done. This is where the second opinion comes in.
If the fault is occuring actively, then it should be a pretty easy diagnosis. Good luck to you!
wheel speed sensors are common failures as well. once the code is identified, the problem can be tracked down and you can get a bid.
As Dave said, get a second opinion to see if those parts are required.
If you have had it a short period of time, did you get a 90 day warranty from the dealer??
I would confirm that with your salesman.

Unfortunately the dealer only offered a 30 day limited warranty, possibly due to the high-mileage, 106,000. Now I'm starting to think the 30 day was due to the potential problems.
Yes, it seems like I may have gotten it resolved. The diagnosis that the Toyota Techs from the Toyota plant recommended was to replace both the Master Cylinder and Brake Booster. However, my mechanic just replaced the brake booster because he contacted a friend that worked at our local Toyota Dealer repair service, and the friend told him that the recommendation of replacing both the Master Cylinder and Brake Booster was an over-kill. The booster was replaced in April, and I haven't had the brake light go on since. My mechanic did verify that the brake booster had a component within the booster that was malfunctioning, and giving off the error code C1203 causing the brake light to trip. Just a note, this fixed the brake light coming on, however I don't know that this was the complete fix for the VSC light coming on. The VSC light only came on once since the booster replacement, but I had gone over a bump in the road, which I believe tripped the VSC light. It hasn't come on since. The total cost for the brake booster replacement alone was $1,000.00. The brake booster part from the dealer was $800. Good luck.
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