Power Windows May Stop Working on Dodge Grand Caravan

One or more power windows may stop working due to a failed window motor or regulator. In some cases these items are replaced as a set. If not, diagnoses will be required to determine which is at fault.

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Average mileage: 19,643,453 (17,870–2,147,483,647)
16 model years affected: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, more2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013
154 people reported this problem
81 people shared problem details
Drivers side power window is intermittent. Sometimes have to wait a few minutes before the window will go back up.
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Passenger side window doesn't work.
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driver's side windo will not roll down (a royal pain during hot days or going through drive through windows, either banking or fast food).
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The front passenger window just stopped working. Makes no noise just dead.
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Passenger side window won't roll down with passenger side control. Driver side control will still roll window down.
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window rolls down and sticks.. will not roll back up.
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Drivers side window just stopped working without any prior problems.
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We've had to replace the drivers side power window motor 3 times since we've owned our 2005 Grand Caravan! Its not a cheap fix, paid around $500 each time. We've owned it for 7.5 years.
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driver side front passenger motor went out
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Driver side window fails in low temps. Need to blow hot air on door panel for window to go up.
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Driver's side power window would not go back up. Took in for checking and learned window motor needed to be replaced. Seems like this is a very common problem and one maybe Dodge should have done a recall on. Very frustrating!!!
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passenger window in the front does not go down haven't been able to find the problem until i read this
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Right passenger door window stopped working in up position. Electrical control system checked, no detectable issues. No repair resolution
Driverside window hesitated a few times when trying to close. Now its stuck open.
After going over a railroad track the front passenger window "let go" and slid down into the door. I tried using the power switch initially and motor growled but did not move. Now after sitting for two days motor seems dead and window is still down inside the door. Help!
The rear window vent no longer closes. The window vents allow the hot air to flow outside. It's worked for 16 years. I think it may be a fuse??
Rear passanger side window intermitenly works and now wont come back up
Window goes down without hesitating. When it goes up goes part way and then stops. I wait a short time and then it will close.
It works when it's cold outside but when it gets over 70 degrees it doesn't work. If you push the button down on the passenger side window switch nothing happens.
The driver power window stop working.
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